Terrific Tools for Coders & Developers

To the world to participate in the work of these days … coding. Do you want a guarantee of a job? I will be the developer. If you want the fame and fortune? Learn how to code!

Looking for a tool of some additional awesome weapons already but you’re here, you want to get in the game, the coder that is-to-want programmers and a world-class, you can not have a lot of probably is, (which is a programming tool for companies) many emerging, services and Web sites have been developed that you get your game to the next level (it do whatever, and certainly listening to them help me). It contains many tools to help you share the code to add the monitor and the test application, to communicate better with your team, features, and. If you have a Web application developers and mobile phone, you are I’m sure you will love something new here. You need to add, is it any suggestions on construction sites and services?

Cool and Casual

Full stack trace of the application — Tracelytics. Cloud APM.
Easily and accurately, it is possible to obtain feedback from the customer to quickly you — TaskMissile.
Including other users with in-app tutorial — Kera.
Chat box team — Flowdock. Technical team collaboration Web application.
Node.js get an idea of ​​the application host, and scale — module.
No degree of stress Ballooning — cloud attack.
It is a powerful application of a simple metric — metric Tues.
I turn the tire kickers possible loyal users — Interstate. I open the project management.
developer collaboration — codenow. It is able to share the code, it is easy to find.
Beginning of localization to be accepted in the market better than the software — Lingohub.
Translate the karate — a simple online translation and localization.
The easiest way to sell your application — Folio kick.
Fragments — please do not reinvent the code. Code Snippets Manager.

Learn to code

Learn how to design and development for web and iOS — Tree House.
To get interactive, fun way to code with a friend — Codecademy.
Web professionals to learn to do — school code.
Udacity — In order from world-renowned faculty, to solve complex problems, please discover.
RubyMonk — Interactive Tutorial Rubin.
Free world-class training on various aspects of programming — Khan Academy.
Peer-led method for learning to develop Web — School of Webcraft.
Tutorial training, implementation, and — University of Google Code.
Class of official Android — Orientation to the Training of Android.

Source Control

To GitHub — Social Coding.
Pixelapse — visual versioning. I get the look of your frame design.
Free source code of the web site — the Bitbucket…
Subversion client for Mac — version.
Client for Mac for free and Mercurial version control system Git — source tree.
Please get your database under control — off the scale. Control of the DB.
Git client for Mac — Tower.

Development platform

Of Heroku — Cloud Application Platform. Deployment and scaling of high power applications.
Compilr — to develop, from the comfort of your browser of all, learn the code.
Mobile back-end cloud-as-a-Service — Kinvey.
Real-time, scalable backend for your website — launch base.
Is an online IDE — ノ Cloud9.
Complete mobile application platform — analysis.
Back-end, such as a service provider for mobile and web applications — cloud mine.
Browser-based IDE — Koding. It is a new way for developers to get the job done.
AppHarbor -. Cloud platform as a service of NET.
each Web application to scale the deployment, management, and — dotCloud is.
Brain engine — cloud-based development platform, Force.com.
Power wireless applications — StackMob.
Rock Solid Cloud Platform for PHP — Fog of PHP.
I want to create a data engine Saas-Fee — Easy back.
Codeanywhere — online code editor.
NeptuneIDE — a full-featured, is a cloud IDE for PHP.
ColdFusion in the cloud — Fusegrid.
Code and deployment in the cloud — Cloud IDE.
Friend code — social network revolves around the Code Editor for online.
Development environment in the cloud — cloud tool.

Continuous Integration and Implementation

Continuous delivery of easy integration with software — test pilot.
Continuous Integration for Web applications — CircleCi. Testing fast, simple and automated.
Continuous integration and deployment of Ruby — Railsonfire.
Continuous deployment simplicity — Wercker.
held continuous integration for Mac and iOS — hostedci.

Feedback Bug tracking, monitoring

Powerful, simple accident report for Android and iOS — Crashlytics.
Is worth a thousand words, a screenshot — Usersnap.
Crittercism — to stop hiding and start to worry about construction. Performance monitoring of mobile applications.
Ratchet — quick bug has been fixed. Real-time and tracking error.
Exclusive — An error occurred in the Web application of the track, we will send it in real time.
Understanding of mobile applications and accident report — BugSense.
Server software for managing software development — of Bugzilla.
PHP tracking a simple question for a small team — Bugify.
Simple bug tracker — BugHerd. Easily capture feedback.
Integration with GitHub, and bug tracking — a snowy night.

API interface

API interface for text messaging, voice, and VoIP — to Twilio.
Intelligent database — true.
PubNub — incredibly swift cloud, hosted a messaging service for real-time applications.
Email for developers — Mailgun. Send, receive, track, and store e-mail.
It is no e-mail API — Context.IO. The use of e-mail data in the application.
Indoor positioning service providers — Qubulus.
SMS, HTTP API and your own Android mobile phone — Sent.ly.
Online video and voice services for developers — Cloudeo.
Embedly — video standard URL, integrated, such as an image is converted to.
I will do the action of image recognition — scaled.

Game development

Global distribution platform social game — Viximo.
- I XNA game development tools Microsoft.
Cross-platform mobile gaming SDK — Scoreloop. Such as virtual currency.
Mobilization of the game in China — Yodo1.
The game provides a SDK availability — to close the game. I work on a mobile / tablet device.
end server platform for game developers — scoreoid.
Game of universal nature — FTW. Games that are stored on the device, synchronize the friend.
I build your own MMO experience — story brick.

Mobile Development

Prototype mobile insanely fast — Codiqa.
IOS advanced layout generators for mobile applications — AppCooker.
Feedback in a simple app for iPhone app developers — Apptentive.
SEO and marketing in the App Store for iOS — AppCod.es.
Mobile phone market for application components — Chupa — Mobile.
Appboy — user engagement, and analysis CRM.
Gust — Analytics, the traffic acquisition and monetization.
Octopod — mobile development platform.
Battery tool for profiling the application Android — small eyes.


Binpress — source code components market, package, class, script.
We save process to add so you can concentrate on other things — upload your care.
PHP library for developing rapid prototyping and code — Eden.
crowdfunding mobile applications — appbackr.
Programming for all things — ModKit.
To support the rest try to focus on what you do well — TechScratch.
Design of web sites with good content from anywhere — storyteller.
It is a Web application of CMS — Feed.Us.
Hosted graphite — as a service that is hosted in graphite simple.
Interface Builder for the Web application — Divshot. Rapid prototyping HTML5.
More photo editing software for web design — nonsense CSS.
I offer HTML5 tools for application developers — FlyWithMonkey.
To build better business applications — Expanz. The server device.
Airplay for Android — Zapstreak.
RepoDrop — private Git repository hosting.
Test your skills on the battlefield and the train and other developers — Code Wars.
/ Understand and document complex code base of Eclipse Java — Architexa.
Analysis to help you understand how users use the software — user metrics.
Share and discover great tool insane — Setapp.
Where the grace of code issues — Bounty coder.
Productivity and time tracking software developer — Last5.
XtGem — Visual mobile site.
end-to-end testing of the application — of uTes t.