IOS 6 versus Android Jelly Bean

Can be purchased within the next few months, If you are looking to smartphones and tablets, we have good news: You can select a mobile phone of Android and 7, iPhone Nexus and iPad And it would be great, can be.

What are all these wonderful devices, we can hardly imagine a decade ago mobile phones and handheld computers. There is a possibility that the out of the box, filled with a nice shopping apps for any device gap, you will be able to be (almost) anything wrong.

Regardless of which device you buy, bad news, no matter how you like it, a lot of people is that you do not think that not correct for the operating costs. (For example), the last Samsung, «attack ads,» you can be aware of it if you have not seen. Plenty of people compete for their hatred of his opponents only a mobile operating system for love

Of course, all his diplomacy and laugh, however, from both sides, and we may have the only right way to recognize the validity of the argument in this situation. Not only fair, CAGEMATCH justified

Games and applications


There are many reasons for adults to obtain a high-quality smartphone or tablet. You can play any game I it: but, each time, when you got a graphing calculator our first in high school, we thought the same thing that some of us may I recognize that? Maybe, regardless of the game on your phone, it is not cool about. (Well, it is not cool, you can skip this section, I want to say, I think.)

Said last year, we are, but it’s still true: iOS has a bigger and better library of games available as Android. Better for the first and second to develop iOS, Android in all cases — but not all, most of the developers — most of that is the fact. There are many reasons, is the presence of two large.

: One of the hardware fragmentation will mean more choices for consumers, it is pretty chill for developers. After the temple run was introduced on Android, this year Imangi Natalia Luckyanova is Consider what you say before: that «… 99.9% complained of e-mail support to your device is to this point We do not support I support 707 devices Mindblowing »

IOS second user, the application must be paid in the past most likely. Six months ago, the study, we showed that two-thirds have never spent a dime of Android users to the application. As we Wikipad Ouya, the debut and Android specific hardware of the game is optimistic to be able to drive the development of recent data, and indicates that the trend has shifted.

For now, Android has some catching up but certainly.

Google in the App Store and Play

What is the other apps? Well, you are a lot on both platforms — as several hundreds of thousand of people. Google is likely to hit a hundred applications, Apple is not much. On both platforms again — because there are many of these applications are just garbage, this number is not really anything anyway. (Specific programs of the tablet, all we see is an exception, that it is more).

However, (or even hundreds), it is a fun and useful cool several thousand applications for iOS and Android — it is amazing!

However, I do not think there’s an app for everything I do: Despite the fact that beat the score astronomy for his application, Apple is known among developers for testing in accordance with strict standards are. Sometimes it makes sense (not as expected, the beta version of uTorrent seen on a non-jailbroken iPhone you have) is at other times, it seems arbitrary. Can have a higher quality applications, IOS, they have to be able to interact with your phone, this is not a strong Google, is a long program in general. Android and other platforms are not being completely unregulated: Shows the version of the story only for the application of of Grooveshark.

What sells the application itself? Content provided special letter, both the App Store and Google is playing a proper search (! IGN Wireless is for what) There is nothing in the App Store. In the App Store to find the program useful as you become easier than ever, it is actually due to the need to repair the six IOS is very slow on older devices.

Maps vs…Maps

We are going to draw it is not: Google Maps suggests that Apple Maps. There is a cool 3D satellite view of Apple? Yet (whether it works), but we take the street to see every day, of course.

Apple beats GoogleMaps support

Offline caching of display card, it is 7 is still good after Nexus (jelly beans, but to drive it as a stand-alone application) and turn-by-turn navigation from Google. It is much better walking, public transport and Google, and record from — worker card from the more than 7,000 people out of the range of WiFi.

Of FaceTime to a hangout

Of course, both the 6 and I OS Jelly Bean, Since we are chatting on a variety of platforms, a large video chat client bake inch, you have both of itself, if perhaps you I just want to use Skype.


Notification, social integration

This is almost too close to call: Jelly Bean is a nice extension to the e-mail notification, I feel a block on the screen prompt notification. Yes, I borrowed the alert box we know, Apple, with Android, it is a 6-of IOS great touch in the area of ​​sharing with Twitter and Facebook.

API of Android Democrats make together easily, you are, regardless of the application you want to use something vague, but I can not, depending on the OS of an application-by-application basis (not to), to construct a particular exchange them. Even if there are 6 of IOS, there are very good in all areas is the handle of Twitter and Facebook, definitely API, has been more limited.

Cloud Integration

6 is used as a backup for data, sync them through the cloud and your jelly beans for IOS: Please do not forget that you connect your phone to connect to it. Android users will have this option first, (and some new features) iCloud brought the same result in the device of Apple. I in any case, sync or backup your entire phone a breeze.

There is a problem. (Do you detect a pattern?) To sync with your service.

Well, it’s not 100% true, they do not avoid each other’s cloud service just very accurately. Google Calendar sync with iCal is, Gmail is, for some reason the user prefers the Sparrow mail course.

Siri vs Google Voice Search now

Almost draw again. Android voice control, ideal for Google search clearly superior. Post on your specific applications and Siri also on Twitter and Facebook.


Our two cents: This is a great standard interface like a jelly 6 and iOS. But you want to change the e-mail application or launcher or the default keyboard maybe. Click to hate the calendar app, you’ll have a home screen widget or maybe you just. Or, it may be video, photos you just fainted.

Well, iOS is not possible (without jailbreaking your device), do all these things. Android has a distinct advantage here — one of the best part of Android is that it is deeply rooted in that setting.

But you just do not care, in which case, all this talk, probably do your head spin.


Weed-virus application, in the garden. Can not you do not want to, you can get rid of it is weeds. Maybe you are having a game center and kiosk and bearings. However, many people do not have. Now, as it is completely irrelevant to the basic functions of the unit, IOS, these applications do you’ll be able to delete, right them? Please try again. Even in a case where we need to load it manually, we, Apple has it was willing to make the app YouTube. It need only have a choice. Virus depends on the iPhone’s wireless always, Apple has refused.

While the virus has a support on that check, we basically never Android phone. In all fairness, they come out really controls on the jelly again it is: you (and you are not reading this from the future, and Poland) You have to upgrade the 4.1, which means that it is a Nexus device class If you are. Less virus (ie, only two lousy program Verizon) Android mobile phone these carriers as the other, but have. However, not only the phone Samsung (Galaxy S3, for example) the other, there is no HTC, Motorola, and even that probably to get as clean.

Learning Curve

If you’re ever rooted or jailbroken phone, please simply scroll to the next section. But I think unless it is recommended for a total of technophobic your uncle, how they use smartphones and tablet n00b you would like to ask you a number of its properties.

User interface of any of our, not say sucks. If you know your way around you, and 6 jelly beans IOS are both very intuitive. If you do not like to pass the setup screen, perhaps, more convenient, you have a more comprehensive experience in IOS.

The jelly beans, can do the most experienced user, in order to be active, since only must dig into part of the configuration, those for which we share a photo via WiFi How Not to be a device that I think a lot of people. IOS is our standard mobile OS «is dumbed down.»

Equipment and support

A variety of devices and fragmentation

Although we can not beat this to death, it is the sword of the fragmentation of hardware, it is important to understand that cut both ways.

Hate, even as the user, on the other hand, it is often know whether a particular application have not been optimized for your device application developers.

On the other hand, we mean the selection of diversity. Android users have dozens of budget to high-end hardware options. If none of them is not impressive iPhone as much as the last three months to close the gap of a new one. You you can buy. Necessary, in the space of just, you, would like a large screen, such as six of IOS 5 running iPhone with a large screen and big screen, and the phone without NFC in Android? Well, there is the iPad.


There are several Android mobile phone that has a really amazing 8MP camera, and a decent camera application. Panorama IOS 6 integrated feature is cool, it is not a pretty killer application. (What? This) I’m making good on camera So the iPhone 5

Apple, I wrote the firmware for the camera application and a specific play well this device. Google will not have the same amount of control of their partners simply, your camera can happen if you start the difference.

Fragmentation of the software

Although you may have seen the Galaxy Nexus sweet, the jelly beans pure, it does not look the same on galaxy S3: TouchWiz is Samsung Skins (set and set HTC Sense and Motorola MOTOBLUR) UI OS. Even if you want to use the additional features, you have no doubt they will be making the OS.

Apple iOS 6 is (such as a device stops functioning old Siri) mobile OS fragmentation still most likely. However, for each of them, 6 IOS users are still pretty much the same.

Wait-and-see attitude

If it is important, you are not just to be competitive in time to receive updates.

Jelly Bean as nine days, will be released in July this year was 11 weeks, this is its users, had less than 2% of Android users. (And not even all of them) drive a Nexus class is because it was the only. This is a huge disappointment for such a great OS. We were not pessimistic enough to believe in his promise of Google I / O event — a new device, in order to receive timely updates for 18 months after the start — it was fake. If you buy a new Android, the principle, is that you buy it «as is» still rings true.

Than not even slow roll out of jelly for Samsung Nexus first device is not a better risk of Apple is not so! Having said that, well, there was no Apple.

The new version of iOS, when it was made to all devices that will receive updates in one day so far. In this case, we give an acceptance rate of 100 times more than jelly. What this people has proven to be a need to update these annual. Simply because it was the available — it was available updates of more than 100 million units in the first week.

And the winner is …

Really? After all, the crown, once this is that would be the winner of the last of all, we do not you think it is possible to facilitate shopping, you, we are that you will annoy a lot of feathers There is a good reason — and I decided.

IOS 6 and jelly beans is a mobile operating system of the same size. And both unprovable. I think quite frankly, we would like to see how they will accept. No? Well, it was worth a try.

Hey! How about mobile phone Windows?

That’s a good question! Will not be able to compete simply, it is the latest from Google and Apple, to bring, we have determined that no of Windows Phone 7 in the ring (in the last year as us). Since, however, when it should lock technology IGN, stack up against the competition, it is how we are, we are, for the complete summary of its best feature is that it next month drops to, please see the excitement 8 Windows.