AdWords data for SEO

Always begins with a great keyword research large SEO — Unfortunately, keyword data quality, efficient, it may be difficult sometimes for several reasons: Always

Google Keyword Tools is an untrusted source — it does not have the full data is always accurate.
In Google Analytics, data not shown in the direction of the organic search is a source of information that can not be trusted. Furthermore, by definition, the data Google Analytics, you will now tell you that there does not seem to miss anything!
Unreliable data of important sentences in relation to the normal conversion — it was able to convey a keyword comparison with the other terms how popular he manipulate it for your website I can not tell you how to.
For many other reasons, Google AdWords advertising campaign and existing data mining these. Would be very helpful in determining the purpose of SEO keywords

Today, in my article, I will show you how to unlock the secret treasure of SEO keyword research data from the AdWords account for your company!

Search for keyword

I think before diving, I would like to draw attention to an important difference in terms of the difference between CAT and keyword search.
In general, anti-SEO, the «keyword» is associated with the specific terms that you are targeting. However, related terms AdWords campaigns, synonyms, and misspellings, spelling variations, like a pirate ship full of query triggers, many different users, the ads that contain the most important keywords such as plural, the word «each» I packed.

Keyword metric is a combination of performance indicators for the entire set of queries related to the keyword in the AdWords view clicks, impressions, cost, and conversion like this.

The important point here is you in order to get the secret treasure of SEO keyword research is that you have to unzip the AdWords keyword query component to them first.

AdWords search somewhat preliminary data hiding — a bit like trying to find a treasure! This article shows you how to unpack a keyword in the search query the underlying are as follows.

Such as downloading of keywords that you can use as many treasures, to select a range of dates as a large number of possible date.
Been selected to go to the Keywords tab «all campaigns»
As shown here, find the button «Details» keyword, then click the option «all these words.»