10 Essential WordPress plugins for your blog

WordPress is the most popular blogging software in the world today millions of bloggers and use it for your own blog or Web site for food and dynamic. This platform is one of the reasons why you are very successful, the owner of the blog is that you can find a variety of plug-ins that extend the functionality of the core engine WordPress. In this article, we take a look at 10 wordpress plugins for bloggers of all things.

1 . All in one SEO Pack: the best solution for optimization on page

Let me use a great SEO plugin installation is recommended that all start to blog. «All One SEO Pack» is a free WordPress plugin that can help you to increase the SEO or search engine traffic for your blog. In order to prevent your link title, meta description and keywords, the adjustment page, duplicate content, which enables the regular URL to optimize it further.


2. List Eruption — E-mail marketing innovative plugin

As we have said in the past, is one of the most effective ways to increase the quality of the contents of your list offer free e-mail marketing in the form of an e-book. Of course, there is no need for convenient, as well as e-book, you write, collect the appropriate software, the e-mail address, and to make the most of this campaign, but will your PDF, to help you website with a friend to give incentives to your subscribers to have their shares.


Great software that does it for you is a plug-in list eruption that has been designed by the author Mark Thompson, the ebook «Internet Marketing Course for 10 weeks.» Eruption of list is a combination of information systems management and promotion of social media tools. You can manage your subscribers, create landing pages for your campaign, and it is your e-mail service provider of your choice (Aweber, MailChimp, ICon tact answer Users who have incentives pursuant to the recommendations, to provide more free content, and most importantly, can be integrated with more) and share the campaign and their friends.



3. To improve the indexing of the site: XML sitemaps Google

Several times in the past, we have stressed the importance of using the site map in order to improve the indexing of your site. It is one of my favorite plug-ins, called XML Sitemaps for Google, it creates a new blog post automatically every time the XML site map. In addition, this plug-in to accelerate the information Bing and Google, the web site automatically indexes. Unfortunately, it seems to have compatibility issues with some of the new features of 3, which is a multi-site WordPress. Nevertheless, this is a great plug-in, we can not recommend it enough.


4. Share Related Articles: YARPP

. As we are very important, we use the anchor text or encourage the reader to other articles that are related to your blog, as I mentioned a list of blog posts at the bottom of each article in the past, This technique is able to improve your SEO, reducing down on one of the web site or your.

Is a great plug-in (Another Related Posts Plugin) YARPP If you have a list of recommended items should be displayed you. It uses advanced algorithms to detect the articles most relevant, in order to improve the speed, using caching techniques, and to display the related articles in the feed, but it it a specific tag To disable or category, that we provide the advanced options.


5. By inverting the management of your advertising: Advertising Manager

What you have to view the ad, if you monetize the traffic to your blog, you’ll be interested in the Plug-in Manager for the ad to be sure. This plugin will help you manage, to rotate the Google AdSense and other ad in your WordPress blog. In addition, Google Adsense (Google Adsense), click Trust, Adify, AdGridWork, Adpinion, Adroll, Chitika, Commission Junction CrispAd ​​s set, OpenX, the ad network to recognize the most important as ShoppingAds automatically , WidgetBucks can be kind of display restrictions author, category, tag, document, etc. Finally, Yahoo PN,.

6. Google Analytics for WordPress : to identify trends, track user behavior

«Google Analytics for WordPress» plugin is another great. It is easy to monitor your blog, to allow control of traffic, its main advantage is that it provides a view of a single author and categories such meta-data that many more exist, It keeps track of page views and more outbound click automatically. In addition, it may provide useful information about the behavior of your readers.


7. Share this: Share + Social networks

As it is used in more than 1 million web site now, Flyer is one of the plug-in of the most popular social media. It is easy to install and requires a lot of settings, (Facebook and Twitter, Partyfotos, delicious, and LinkedIn and Digg) social network of more than 50 you do not have to enable the user to the content in the e-mail or from. The main advantage of this plug-in, it is that you can adjust the buttons on the topic, to adapt to the style of your blog.

8. Akismet : detects and blocks spam comments

One of the major problems for the owner of the blog, there are a lot of spam comments they receive. Instead of tracking all messages that can detect all the spam comments manually may cause serious problems to the search engine, it is not only time-consuming. Fortunately, because it checks the Web service of Akismet is one of them, and, almost automatically help the spam comments, WordPress plug-in, the spam comments on your blog Akismet `You can see the management screen» comment «.


9. WP PostRatings : a review and receive valuable feedback

Rate, you can get valuable feedback, you can see what they like, what is not the case and think your articles to your visitors. Can be a great plug-in to add a ranking function evaluation of your WP blog post. In order to update to support (by the stars on the top and bottom of the finger or stick to positive or negative), it will avoid the side the score in a variety of styles, it is using the AJAX, a detailed history of the evaluation retained.

10. Database management of your blog: WP-DBManager

All the great features that are supported by WordPress is able to create confusion in the database actually your blog. In particular, sooner or later, if you are an active blogger for many years it can be seen that the speed of your site has been greatly reduced as you add more items. To delete a database tool that allows you to analyze great, optimize, repair, backup, restore, and to enable the plug-in DBManager WP. Another great feature is that backup repair, and optimization is that you can plan in order to allow your website anymore. This is a great tool if you understand the basics of database. If you it is not highly recommended, do not use this plugin.